The “Seven” Secrets to Authentic Success

The seven secrets to succes

Being successful is something we all long for in some way or another. It often seems something that needs to be attained by hard work or struggle, something we need to deserve or perhaps just by good luck. However, the Law of Attraction makes it much easier for us, as the answers are always found within ourselves. We have learned that authentic success is largely determined by how we think, belief and the quality of how we live our lives in general.

Our Seven Secrets to authentic success are:


1. Love and Believe in Yourself from the inside out.

Value who you are as a person with the qualities you have within you, to become the person you are meant to be!

2. Stand in your Power.

Belief in who you are and be proud of all that you have achieved so far. Be your own Guru! We are all Unique and we have a special purpose in our lives. In most cases it is something you are good at and love doing!

3. Being Aligned with your feeling.

It is your greatest place of power that can be attained by meditation and self reflection. When you are connected to whatever is going on inside of you, you will feel more confident and act from a place of courage and trust.

4. Lifestyle Nutrition.

Eat food that correspondence with your higher purpose. High Vibrational Food, that not only nurtures your body, but also your soul along the way. Your Energy System works better when it receives the nutrition that it needs to exceed. You are what you Eat!

5. Don’t Compare.

We are all unique in our very own way. There are no two persons exactly alike, you where born to make a difference and stand out. Speak your truth and create your own Life. You are the Director / Composer of your own life!

6. Take Risks.

Dream big, you can only come as close to your dreams as you dear to dream. Taking risks is part of creating/manifesting your dreams, provided that it is in line with who you are and feels good to you. You will know by the amount of energy you receive whether it’s meant for you!

7. Practicing.

By practising you will cultivate trust and inner strength. The measurement of your success will be determined by your willingness and perseverance to practise again and again. Overcoming your setbacks, by using them as stepping stones to become stronger and do better. A few samples of people who have experienced failure more than ones in their life are: Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Michael Jordan and The Beatles.


Of course success is a personal and unique journey for each and one of us. However, it is often the fear of failure that withhold us to even get started. So, getting started and taking action is the very first step to take. After all it is a step by step process, taking small effort repeatedly, day out.

The Secret to authentic Success is creating your own unique value system and dare to rise above mediocrity and stand out from the crowd!!



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